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It is my pleasure to announce that tomorrow, Saturday February 5th, from 1 pm to 2 pm will mark our 1st official Training for the National State Courts Written Exam. The state of Rhode Island will be sponsoring this Exam on March 26 and again in September of this year. You will need to contact them directly to register, pay and secure your seat for the Exam. However, since this is a rare opportunity, I would like to extend this invitation to you to participate in this 7 week training course that will help you prepare and pass the Exam. Please be advised that the deadline to register for the NCSC Written Exam has already lapsed, still you may benefit from joining our Training Sessions in preparation for the September 2022 Exam cycle.


About Me: My name is Salo Salman, I am a Massachusetts Trial Court Per Diem Portuguese Interpreter with over 10 years of professional development in the language industry. I am knowledgeable of the Exam requirements. I have also instructed many interpreters over the years as a Language Coach for organizations such as Cross Culture Communications, Found In Translations & Culture and Language Access Services.


With this in mind, I would like to make you aware of a course provided by Transcend Linguistix LLC, a company I founded, designed to train students to become English Language Proficient in order to pass the NCSC Written Exam (which is entirely in English).


Objective: To further the professional development of interpreters and qualify them for assignments of a legal nature.


Brief course description: To establish preparatory course composed to assist interpreters pass the NCSC Written Examination. The course uses sample tests (Mock Exams) and helps students see where their current level of proficiency is. These results will identify areas of improvement and deficiencies in performance, which will help students know where to dedicate time and energy in order to become proficient.  At the end of their training students would retake another sample exam to see where they stand before they go for the real exam. Even if students have not registered to take the Written Exam in March, they are strongly encouraged to attend as there are expectations that this exam will be available again in September of this year. This training is currently being provided by Transcend Linguistix, free of charge for the Written Exam. This is a 7 week course, given only on Saturdays starting, February 3rd to March 19th 2022, from 1 - 3 PM (Participants are encouraged to log in at 12:30 PM as the session will start promptly at 1 PM).


Altogether this represents 14 Continuing Education Hours.


Cost: Free of Charge


How to join:

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 774 203 9090

Passcode: 123123



Our first official meeting will be this Saturday, February 3rd, from 1 - 3 PM (Students are encouraged to login at 12:30 as sessions will start promptly). The last date will be Saturday, March 19. To set an initial bench mark and see how you would score if you had to take the exam today, we'll be starting off with a Moc Written Exam. It is exactly the same amount and type of questions per section. Therefore, it is identical to the real exam, but the questions are different. 


Come join us, and if you know others that would be interested please invite them as well, even if they are out of state.


For each day students attend, upon request, they may be given a brief letter recognizing their attendance. For those who attend all classes, a Certificate of Completion may be granted. Please be advised that sessions will be recorded.


Thank you for the overwhelming response and interest. I do apologize for not being able to respond to each and everyone of you individually, but efforts were made to respond your questions in the below Frequently Asked Questions



  • How much do you charge for the study sessions?

    • The sessions starting February are free of charge. 

    • We plan to hold another training for the NCSC Oral Exam from April - May 2022 $450 per student, including a non-refundable registration fee. Candidates may be required to pass an initial screening before initiating the class.

    • Another NCSC Written Exam is slated to take place from June to July for $250 per student, with a $50 non-refundable registration fee. 

    • Please keep up with the information that will be posted on our website for the latest updates.

  • What would be an alternative day/time if I can’t attend every Saturday. For now, I could do some Saturdays. 

    • Unfortunately, currently there are no alternate sessions. 

    • If you are not able to attend every session, I recommend taking advantage of the fact that this time it will be free of charge and attend as many sessions as possible, especially the 1st session, and the last session as those will help you see how you'd perform and how you'd do on the Exam. If you think the Exam is a piece of cake, I still recommend you attend the 1st or Last session. You might be surprised at how you performed.

  • Are the interpreter assignments all on-site or do they also have remote access?

    • Please contact the Rhode Island Judiciary directly. Doing so would keep them apprised of your interest and availability.

  • I called the Interpreter's office for the state of Rhode Island and they told me that the date line to register for the test was last Friday.

    •   Please be advised that the deadline to register for the NCSC Written Exam has already lapsed, still you may benefit from joining our Training Sessions in preparation for the September 2022 Exam cycle.  

  • My legal proficiency is very low. Do you think I should still benefit?​

    • The written exam is entirely in English. It is composed of General English Proficiency, Legal Terminology and Ethics. It would be a nice introduction and it's a good credential to have. More than likely you would benefit tremendously from it. Plus, if you attend every session you will receive a certificate of completion which is something that you can put in your resume. And you could begin to receive legal assignments.​

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