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Transcend Linguistix is a language services provider specialized in languages of lesser diffusion and adaptable modality. 


We maintain a roster of linguists who speak languages that are less common but represent a vital segment of the communities you serve. ​In addition to the more common languages such as spanish, we focus on languages of lesser diffusion like kabuverdianu. Our aim is to cater to the communities our clients serve. 


With adaptive modality we are able to cater to your needs in a more efficient manner by using video remote interpretation. While other agencies struggle to find non-legal interpreters who are trained in the simultaneous mode of interpretation, Transcend Linguistix specializes in this. 


Our interpreters must pass a background check. Although in the Boston area, our services are provided all over the nation.

For more than 10 years Transcend Linguistix has served organizations such as

  • Law firms

  • Hospitals

  • Insurance companies

  • Utility companies

  • Transportation Authorities

  • District Attorney’s office

  • Massachusetts Trial Court

  • United States Federal Court

  • and governmental departments such as

    • the Department of Transitional Assistance, Department of Substance Abuse and Department of Education among others.


Our dedicated team will work with you on your project to ensure its success.

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